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[email protected]
A rich resource of curriculum links and tips on integrating the Internet into the classroom.
GRADE LEVEL: Professional


[email protected], created by Mark Treadwell of New Zealand, is a rich resource for teachers who are looking for curriculum resources, help with integrating the Internet into the classroom, or tips on using the Internet in general.
This well-designed site uses a consistent color scheme and layout to make the pages user-friendly and attractive.
Visitors can navigate through the site by using the links in the left side menu. The database is also fully searchable.
Busy teachers looking for curriculum resources will find that [email protected] has done the research for them. This site offers links to tons of educational Web sites that have been reviewed and rated. All the links have been annotated, categorized by curriculum area, and assigned an appropriate grade level. The site also offers information on surfing the Web, internet policies, and publishing a Web site. The Teacher's Toolkit links to a variety of free and inexpensive tools for teachers.

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