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Literacy Center
Early literacy activities for young children.


This site from the Early Childhood Education Network provides lots of early literacy learning activities for young children.
The Literacy Center presents a clean, crisp layout that loads quickly and is available in four languages.
The site is organized into 10 categories of learning topics and is simple enough for even the youngest children to navigate independently. The links are graphically marked, and navigation through the pages is intuitive.
The simplicity of this site makes it possible for very young children to practice basic literacy skills that are so important to prekindergarten and kindergarten students. Children could easily do the activities independently after a brief orientation by an adult. Students can practice skills such as letters and sounds, numbers and their meanings, shapes, colors, writing, words, and keyboard. Each skill area has several activities from which to choose with some overlap that reinforces prior learning. For instance, the writing area shows learners the proper pencil strokes to make a letter, then says the letter name, or the pencil demonstrates how to draw a shape, then repeats the name of the shape. This site presents material in an appealing format that focuses on learning rather than bells and whistles.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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