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December 2001

Learn About Distance Using Technology
A guide to distance education.
GRADE LEVEL: Professional


This site was developed "to help teachers, administrators, facilitators, and students understand distance education."
The site is a simple table with no bells and whistles but lots of information.
The information is organized into 13 guides. A left-side navigation menu appears on the home page, and each of the internal pages has a top menu for moving between the guides.
Dr. Barry Willis at the University of Idaho has made these guides available. Anyone interested in developing, delivering, or evaluating a distance education program will find all the information and strategies they need right here. This series of guides cover such topics as teaching and learning strategies, instructional development and the appropriate technologies, evaluation, copyright issues, a glossary of terms, and more. Included are an overview, resource links, and links to further information.


Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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