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December 2001

World Almanac for Kids Online
The online companion to the print resource.


This is the companion site to the print version of The World Almanac for Kids. It is a rich resource for elementary students looking for information on animals, environment, inventions, nations, presidents, religion, and more.
The site is vibrant, colorful, and sure to capture the interest of elementary students.
The main page of the site is gives access to the three major sections: Explore, Fun and Games, and Insider Info. Internal pages have a left-side index of topics within each section.
Did you know that an engineer who was trying to find a substitute for rubber invented Silly Putty in the 1940s? Or that people in the United States ate an average of 71 hot dogs per person in the year 2000? Those are just two of the many interesting, fun facts presented to students as they browse through the pages of the Almanac. Students will also find information and up-to-date data on a host of subjects from animals to inventions to nations of the world to space and much more. Visitors can find out which famous people were born on their birthday, enter contests, participate in polls, print out puzzles, and take trivia quizzes. This is a great site for elementary students who are just developing their research skills.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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