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Generations CanConnect
Oral history project ideas.


Generations CanConnect "links seniors and youth in communities across Canada in a dialogue which explores, records and celebrates seniors' contributions to their country and their communities."
The site, offered in English and French, uses soft colors and cute cartoons for eye appeal.
A top menu bar leads to the main sections of the site. Each of the main sections has a left-side menu for moving within that section. Navigation can be a bit of a challenge since there is much more here than meets the eye, but it's worth the extra time to explore.
Although project registration is limited to Canadians, this idea could be used by classes anywhere to create their own connections. The Project Steps section provides information about contacting and interviewing the participants, preparing the profile, and celebrating the learning. Visitors can read the profiles of the seniors who have been interviewed by various students in the Project Index. The Curriculum Reports give the objectives of the project by grade level and suggest activities. As an added bonus, Support Materials, such as interview guides, scanning guides, and sample profiles, are available.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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Updated 02/02/2004