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Recycling Activities Turn Trash Into Treasure
In one Indiana art class, students create glamorous ensembles from recycled rubbish and strut their stuff on the runway. A Spanish club in Missouri makes money and serves a need in the community by operating its own recycling center.

Teaching the Mathematics of Music
Drawing parallels between pop music and math concepts is a great way to reinforce cross-curricular concepts while using a strong mental hook to keep students’ attention. Try these simple ideas to incorporate music or mathematics into your next lesson.

Music Sends Toes Tapping to Class
When students at one school hear the theme music to "Mission Impossible," they know their mission: to get to class. The music helps set a tone for the day and gets kids moving in a timely fashion. Included: More principals share how they use music to hit the right notes.

Executive Gives Arts a Boost Where He Got His Start
Now a successful businessman and philanthropist, Richard Fields still remembers his elementary school music teacher with appreciation. He now is funding an extensive arts program at his former school to give todays students the experiences he had.

Bringing Back the Arts to Help Boys Learn
Reducing or eliminating art, music, and creative programs to spend more time on academics has been particularly hard on boys, some educators think. Integrating the arts into lessons is helping two schools close the literacy gap between boys and girls.

Artsonia: Online Gallery Raises Funds, Art Awareness, and Self-Esteem
At a time when money for the arts is limited, one online resource seeks to support local schools in one broad stroke. Artsonia is a masterpiece: a fundraiser for the arts and a free online gallery for student artwork. Included: Tips for Artsonia newbies.

Education Humor With Regina Barreca: What if 24s Jack Bauer Taught Third Grade?
I first thought of Jack Bauers character from 24 as an elementary school teacher because, in nearly every episode, he has cause to yell Show me your hands!A phrase that would then be followed by They still have paint on them! Get to the washroom! Now!

Stanley the Christmas Tree Has Lessons for All Seasons
Stanley the evergreen has one wish: to be the centerpiece of a family’s Christmas celebration. While other trees sneer at him, Stanley never gives up his dream. The story Stanley the Christmas Tree reminds children to dream big and never lose hope.

Teacher's Travels Inspire Young Artists
Last summer, art teacher Tim Wallace hit the road on a driving tour of America's national parks. Along the way, he inspired his students to create art and to maintain their own sketchbooks about their summer travels.

Kids Learn Better With a Song in
Their Hearts

Do you recall the multiplication tables, grammatical terms, or historical documents because of a song you learned as a kid? Educators recognize that teaching with song makes learning not only more fun, but more effective and long-lasting.


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