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App Review: 'NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly'​

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App Name: NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly (iPad/iPhone)

Cost: Free

What does it promise? The NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly app promises a place for educators to learn more about the ever-growing world of technology. It promises a compilation of the best EdTech articles from multiple websites that cater to professionals.

“The NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App delivers curated, relevant, and timely EdTech projects and news to your iPad or iPhone every weekend. It also includes the entire NMC Horizon Report series on emerging technology across various learning sectors, and a rich, searchable, re-mixable database of educational technology and innovation resources.” - iTunes

Does it deliver? Yes. There are many compilation apps on the market and this is one of the most consistent ones we’ve come across so far. The HZ News, NMC Horizon Reports and NMC Horizon EdTech database are all very useful tools for educators. Instead of visiting multiple sites, you can access some of the best articles through the apps method of compiling stories.

All of the best educational articles in one place is something that many apps promise but don’t really fulfill. This EdTech Weekly app is a strong indicator of what can happen when crisp design and user-friendly interfaces combine.

The NMC Horizon App even has its own series of comprehensive K-12 reports that are easy to located and open on the app. It would be better viewed on the iPad but is still viewable on the iPhone. For the most part the app would serve a lot more purpose on a larger device or phones with larger screens.

For added resources the NMC Horizon EdTech Database is included in the application. You can browse resources by using the integrated search engine. It’s very easy to navigate but takes a few minutes to load some materials.

Can I use it in the classroom? No. There is a very big caveat here. Everything that you learn from the articles and reports you read can be adopted for your own use. So if you look at it in that sense then yes. That being said, students in the classroom cannot use the app itself. It’s more of a learning tool for teachers but can still be very effective.


App review by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor