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App Review: 'Nearpod' (iPad/iPod)​

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App Name: Nearpod

Cost: Free

What does it promise? The Nearpod app promises a teacher-geared tool that helps educators combine and manage in-class technology and content on student’s tech devices. It promises easy navigation, accessibility and usability in order to help educators keep everything they need in the classroom in one place.

“I am now able to engage all students during my lessons. There are many parts to Nearpod, but the one that creates active learners in my classroom is Draw It. This feature allows my students to literally draw on any slide I push out to their iPads," says Teacher and Specialist Daniel from New Jersey, according to iTunes.

Does it deliver? Yes. The app is very easy to use and requires a PIN to get started. Tutorials for the app show the different ways that teachers can use the app. It also provides resources that teachers might need in the classroom or want to refer to for special lessons. Grading appears to be easy because of the set platforms that the app provides. It’s also visually appealing, which is not necessarily of any educational value, but makes it easier on educators' eyes.

Can I use it in the classroom? Yes. The reasons for this are pretty obvious. Like Google Classroom, Nearpod is a way to help manage your students, curriculum, and a world of other in-classroom activities. It’s a new digital way of bringing the classroom together while making the jobs of hard-working educators much more efficient.

App review by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor