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App Review: 'Brainscape' (iPhone/iPad)

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App Name: Brainscape (iPhone/iPad)

Cost: Free

What does it promise? The Brainscape app promises a way for students to learn using their cognitive skills as the go to method. It promises ways for students to study with their classmates, help teachers track and create better study habits for students, expand your knowledge and “improve cultural literacy.”

“Our method is all about personalizing the TIMING of your study patterns,” says Brainscape.

“Whether you’re learning a language, preparing for a test, or just acquiring some fun trivia, Brainscape spaces the repetition of each bite-sized concept based on exactly the right interval for YOUR brain.”

“All you have to do is rate how well you know each concept, on a scale of 1-5, and Brainscape determines the right time to quiz you again. It's strangely addicting and is scientifically proven to slash your required study time.”

Does it deliver? Yes. This app is a very effective way of using and creating flashcards in a digital manner. It’s not much different in terms of creating flashcards and learning from them, however, one cool feature is the ability to setup study reminders, which slightly deters you from procrastination. It does take a little while to setup the “library” at first. Now it becomes a bit tricky where the paid aspect of the app comes in. You are provided with some free content, however there are some pretty price decks of cards available. That’s a bit of a turnoff from the app but not to worry, it makes up for it with the ability to create your own digital flashcards. Once the cards are created you can go through the questions and guess the answer before revealing it just like normal flashcards.

Can I use it in the classroom? Yes. Teachers have the ability to create flashcards based on their subject and questions that could be featured on the students test. She could share the digital cards with them and students can practice on their own or with a partner. This app is one of the many great ways learning is made easier and fun and if you can get past the paid content, which you should easily be able to do, you might find it to be very helpful.


App review by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.


July 31, 2015