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App Review: 'Anatomy 4D' (iPad, iPhone, Android)


App Name: Anatomy 4D (iPad, iPhone, Android)


Cost: Free


What does it promise? Anatomy 4D is an app that promises an extremely interactive way of exploring the ins and outs of the human anatomy. It also promises stunning images that students and teachers and according to their app description, they promise to be a piece of cutting edge technology that is the perfect vehicle for 21st Century Education.


Does it deliver? Yes. The Anatomy 4D app does deliver in many ways. For starters the app is free yet contains a lot of information which makes it quite valuable. The overall quality of the images that appear once the targets are scanned are very impressive. You are provided with two targets, which include the heart and the human body. The targets need to be printed from a computer so there are other tools necessary to operate the app. Once the target has been printed, students and teachers now have to hold the camera of the device they are using steady while the image renders. The result is a detailed 4D image of the specific target that was loaded and it can be explored in a 360-degree view. You can also zoom into the body to see how different organs work as well as learn more about the responsibilities they have in the human anatomy.


Can I use it in the classroom? Yes. This app is perfectly capable of being used in the classroom. It should be used in more of a high school anatomy course so it is limited when it comes to the age group. You must also be at least 17-years-old to download the app so again there are some more limitations. That being said, it’s a great way to teach high school students about the human anatomy in an interactive manner.


Review by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor


June 26, 2015