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L E S S O N     P L A N     S U B M I S S I O N
Self-Esteem/Class Pride
Subject: Mental Health, Social Studies
Grade: 3-5

Brief Description

This is a lesson plan to bolster student self-esteem and to build class pride. It would be a great way to start the school year!


Students will be able to reflect upon and list 5 unique talents. The class as a whole will see that they are a talented group.


Self reflection, writing, construction

Materials Needed

Pencils, markers, lined paper, uniform strips of colored construction paper(enough for 5 per student plus approximately 35 extra), paste or staples

Lesson Plan

Begin by asking students, "Who has something that they really do well?" After a brief discussion about some of those talents, pass out paper and ask the students to write down 5 things that they do well.

Once all students have completed their list, ask for volunteers to share their lists.

Allow students to come up and select 5 different colored paper strips. Using markers, have the students write one talent on each strip of paper.

Demonstrate how to create a paper chain with their strips; linking their 5 talents together. As students begin to complete their mini chains, use extra strips of paper to link the mini chains together to create one long class chain. Have students stand and hold the ever-growing chain as you link it together, until all are linked.


Once the entire chain is constructed and linked together, and all students are standing holding their portion, ask the class what this chain demonstrates. (The fact that all the students have talents that they do well.) Hang the chain up in the room as a reminder that the students are all good at something. Refer to it as needed throughout the day and year.

Lesson Plan Source

This is my own lesson.

Submitted by Kimberlee Woodward, [email protected], Substitute Teacher, Waterford, Michigan, USA


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