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Ball/Barrel Attack


  • Physical Education
  • PE Games


  • 3-5
  • 6-8

    Brief Description

    Students throw balls at a designated target (a cageball, barrel, or box, for example) to make it move toward a goal line.



  • improve ball throwing skills.
  • build cooperative teamwork skills and game-strategy skills.
  • get an excellent workout.


    throwing, teamwork, exercise, PE, physical education, game

    Materials Needed

  • small rubber balls (kickball size or smaller)
  • large cageball or empty barrel or box

    The Lesson

    Getting Ready to Play
    Arrange students into two teams. Provide each player with a ball. Place a barrel, cageball, or box (or another easy-to-move object) in the center of the gym or outside play area. Designate a goal for each team at opposite ends of the play area.

    The Game
    The goal of the game is for players to use the balls to move the object in the center (the cageball, barrel, or box) to their teams goal line.

    • On the command to Attack, players throw their balls at the barrel or cageball in an effort to roll the object toward their designated goal line.
    • All players may go anywhere to retrieve balls to throw.
    • A point is scored each time a team gets the barrel/ball to cross the other teams goal line.
    • The cageball/barrel cannot be touched or touch any player. If that happens, an automatic point is scored for the other team.

    Stress active participation: students need to hustle after balls to keep throwing them again and again instead of standing and watching teammates throw or watching the barrel/cageball move. Stress to students that they do not want to get too close to the barrel or cageball, because they want to avoid being hit by it or by balls thrown at it.


  • Did all students participate by throwing and retrieving balls?
  • Were all students fully engaged in the activity?
  • Ask: What could your team have done to be more successful?

    Submitted By

    Charles Milliren, Owen-Withee Elementary School in Owen, Wisconsin

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