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Treasured Comments



  • Language Arts
  • Health (Self-Esteem)


  • K-2
  • 3-5

Brief Description

Students create treasure boxes and write positive comments to classmates.


Students will
  • write a positive comment to each classmate and receive their own to share with families.


    cooperative, positive, reinforcement, self-esteem

    Materials Needed

    • small box or envelope, one per child
    • colored paper cut in strips that will neatly fit into the small boxes or envelopes; if there are 20 students in your class, each student should have 20 strips of colored paper
    • a variety of art supplies for decorating the boxes or envelopes

    The Lesson

    This activity is a nice one to use at any time during the school year. It is especially useful to use if students seem to be in a negative frame of mind for any reason

    Each student needs a small box or medium size envelope. (If you use boxes, boxes that bank checks come in are an ideal size and can be collected ahead of time. Cover the lid of each box with white or yellow paper.) Let students decorate their boxes or envelopes with glitter, beads, fringe, or other embellishments. Those decorated boxes/envelopes become the students treasure chests.

    Next, provide each student with brightly colored paper strips (cut to fit the boxes or envelopes used). Each student should have a strip for each of his/her classmates; if there are 20 students in the class, then each student should have 20 paper strips. Encourage students to think of something positive to say about each of their classmates. They should write that message of kindness one of the colored strips.

    Remind students that only positive comments can be written. You might brainstorm some ideas as a class, and you might proof students statements about their peers for suitability. Some sample messages might include:
  • "Your hair always looks so shiny."
  • "You really know your addition facts well."
  • "When I hear you laugh, it makes me feel good."
  • "I enjoyed reading your story about the snakes."
  • When students have completed writing their comments, have them put their messages in one another's boxes/envelopes. At the end of the activity, each student will have a treasured comments chest to read on their own. When the day is over, let each child take his or her box home to share with family members.


    Students will be assessed by teacher observation during the activity. Students may select favorite comments to share at home or with peers. Teachers may see new tolerances and friendships develop.

    Submitted By

    VaReane Heese, Springfield (Nebraska) Elementary School

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