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Lesson Plan: Time Line of the Year


  • Arts and Humanities
  • Architecture
  • Art History
  • Dance and Music
  • Ed Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Geography


  • K-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-8

Brief Description

Photographs and project samples adorn this timeline of the school year.



  • document class events and projects on a timeline of the school year.


timeline, yearbook, school year

Materials Needed

  • roll of mural paper (your timeline might be 1-2 feet wide or wider and 20 feet long or longer)
  • art supplies (for example, paint, crayons, markers, rulers, scissors)
  • students' artwork, writing assignments, tests gathered throughout the year
  • photographs of special projects or events

The Lesson

Create a timeline of the entire school year. Administrators and parents will really appreciate this visual representation of the year's activities.

To introduce your yearlong timeline, review with students what a timeline is and the purpose of a timeline. You might even share a few examples of timelines found in library books, textbooks, or online. [See the sidebar for links to some timelines we found on the Internet.]

On the Internet

Martin Luther King Jr., Timeline

Timeline of the Life of Benjamin Franklin

Harriet Tubman Timeline

Amistad Timeline

Nevada County (California) Timeline

Events in African-American History

As another example of a timeline, you might introduce (or show an example of) a child's growth chart. That timeline offers a visual representation over time of a child's height.

Hang as much of a roll of paper as you wish to for the start of your timeline. Enter the first event of the class year. As the year progresses, add photos of special events, original samples of student art, handprints, writing samples, tests, class celebrations, and so on. Have the children mark the date of the event on the timeline as new items are posted. You might even include news clippings about major news events during the year.

Submitted By

Lynda O'Brien, Twin Oaks School in Melrose, Florida

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