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Faces Bingo


  • Arts and Humanities
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
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  • K-2

Brief Description

Photos of students’ faces adorn this letter-sound recognition bulletin board.


Students will
  • get to know one another.
  • build letter recognition/sound skills.
  • begin to recognize each other's names in print.


face, first day, names, alphabet, letter recognition, letter

Materials Needed

  • tag board
  • a camera
  • glue, markers
  • 3- x 5-inch index cards
  • construction paper letters
  • class list

The Lesson

This lesson is ideal for the primary grades.

Cut up tag board sheets into 26 squares. Write/draw on each square one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Post those letter cards on a bulletin board. Leave enough space between letters so you will be able to post pictures of students whose names begin with each letter.

For students who do not yet know their alphabet, making each letter a different color than the ones that are consecutive to it can be helpful.

On the first day of school (or during orientation days) take a picture of each student. Glue, tape, or sticky-tack the picture to the bulletin board under the letter that corresponds to the first letter in the student's name.

Write students' first names on 3- x 5-inch cards, one name to a card. (If you are using a color key on the bulletin board, the first letter of the name on each card should be the same color as that letter on the bulletin board.) Have your students sit in a circle. Give each student one of the name cards. Make sure no student receives a card with his or her own name on it. Call the students' first names in alphabetical order. The student who has that name card should find the picture of the classmate on the bulletin board that corresponds to the card and tape the name under the picture.

Use this activity as an opportunity to emphasize how the letter at the start of the name matches the letter on the bulletin board; you might draw attention to the sound the letter makes at the start of the name.

Continue until all students' names have been called...

If there are any letter cards on the bulletin board that do not have a face picture and name card under them, you might place a picture of a familiar animal or object -- and a name card for that animal or object -- under those letter cards.


This activity can be repeated two or three times a week -- until everyone knows their classmates' names and the first letters of those names. The teacher could then ask individual students the names of their classmates and the letter with which each name begins.

Submitted By

Laura E. Lambert, Marion C. Seltzer Elementary School in Cleveland, Ohio

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