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Doughnut Race

Teacher Lesson






K-2, 3-5


Brief Description

Students practice math facts in this fast-paced and fun Doughnut Race.



Students learn their math fact through fun practice.



math, facts, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, game, factor, product


Materials Needed

  • two large doughnuts cut from poster board
  • whiteboard (and markers) or chalkboard (and chalk)
  • erasers
  • dice


Lesson Plan

Note: This game provides practice in multiplication facts, but it could be easily adapted to be used for practicing addition, subtraction, or division facts.

Before starting the game, cut out of poster board two large doughnut shapes; each doughnut should have a hole in the middle. Divide each doughnut into 13 roughly equal sections and number the sections from 0 to 12, one number per section. Do not place the numbers in the same sequence on both doughnuts. Tape the doughnuts to the chalkboard or whiteboard.

Divide the class into two teams. A student from each team takes a place at one of the doughnuts. Give each student a piece of chalk or a marker. Roll the dice. (Note: You can use one or two die, depending on how difficult you want the game to be.) The students write the number rolled inside their doughnut. At the signal, the students race around the doughnut. They multiply each number on the doughnut by the number inside the doughnut, and write the product around the outside edge of the doughnut. The first student to finish scores a point for his or her team if all the answers are correct.

Continue the game until all students have had a turn or time runs out.



The teacher can observe who needs help on their facts while the students are racing.


Submitted By

Tara Snider, Albertville (Alabama) Elementary School


Originally published 10/03/2002
Last updated 02/24/2009


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