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Illustrated Safety Contract

Teacher Lesson


  • Chemistry



Brief Description

Students create illustrated contracts that spell out chemistry lab safety rules.



  • communicate an understanding of various rules of safety in the high school chemistry lab.
  • create original drawings illustrating one of the safety rules published by Flinn Scientific.


safety, chemistry, laboratory

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

Start the lesson by providing printed copies of the laboratory safety rules. (See Flinn Scientific's Student Safety Contract , published by Flinn Scientific, for a sample list of safety rules.) Students choose or are assigned a rule. Each student creates a page with a background of a solid color, types the rule at the top of the page, then creates and inserts an original graphic. Students might animate their graphics using Paint Shop Pro 5.0.

The students' projects were compiled and uploaded to a Student Project Page of the class Web site. Once uploaded, students checked their creations and made any necessary changes.


This activity was worth up to 20 points. The students were given 2 points for a solid pastel background, 3 points for the statement of the safety rule. The original graphic was worth up to 10 points based on originality, clarity, colorfulness, and creativity. Five additional points were awarded if the students animated their graphics.

Lesson Plan Source

In 1999, I attended a safety session conducted by Flinn Scientific at the Illinois Science Teachers convention. The leader suggested a lesson focused on illustrating safety rules. This is a computer-based result of that suggestion.

Submitted By

Sister Maureen Fallon, Notre Dame High School for Girls, Chicago, Illinois


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