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Programs for Shakespeare's Plays

Subjects: Language Arts: Literature
Grades: 6-8, 9-12

Brief Description

Students create culminating projects -- theater programs -- to demonstrate their understanding of the play(s) of William Shakespeare.



  • summarize the work(s) of Shakespeare in a creative way.
  • create theater programs that describe plays and their characters.
  • include appropriate art in their programs.


character, design, drama, play, Shakespeare, study skills, summarize, synopsis, theater

Materials Needed

art supplies, such as construction paper, markers, and glue

Lesson Plan

This creative project can be used after reading any of Shakespeare's plays.

Have students pretend they are going to a theater to see the play performed. Challenge them to create a play program for the performance. The students' programs will be graded based on how well they achieve each of the project's requirements. The programs should

  • be attractive and colorful.
  • include appropriate graphics.
  • include a summary of the major events of each act.
  • include a list of the characters in the cast as well as the name of the person who is performing the role; the "actors" could be members of the students' class or real-life actors from movies and television.
  • include information such as where the play will be performed, the time of the performance, the name of the drama company, and other information that might be found in a theater program.


Grade students on how well their projects meet the requirements stated above and on effort, ability to follow directions, neatness, and creativity.

Submitted By

Carla Kinnard, Greenville Christian School, Greenville, Texas


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