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Chick Chock's Pollen Problem

Subject: Health
Grade: Pre-K, K-2, 3-5

Brief Description

This lesson physically shows how pollen and air allergens affect people.


Students are introduced to how air born substances can affect people. Students learn how allergens effect the body.


environmental science, toxicology, health issues, allergy studies

Materials Needed

green gelatin mix, petroleum jelly, blow dryer, paper plates, scissors

Lesson Plan

  • Fold paper plates in half and make into a chick. Tell students that each chick went on picnic and feels sick. Decorate the chick.
  • Spread petroleum jelly over all chicks. Put all "chick chocks" on floor.
  • Blow "pollen" (green gelatin mix) onto the chicks with a blow dryer. Observe which of the chicks who went on a picnic are suffering from allergies (chicks with pollen on them).
  • Allow children to guess which were the chicks who suffered the most.


Discussion questions: Which chick is the sickest? Why? Who was closest to the trees with pollen? How do you know? Where did the green dust come from?

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted by: Theresa Santiago, ([email protected] ) EJ Patten Elementary School, Perth Amboy, New Jersey



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