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L E S S O N     P L A N    

Move the Sounds


Subject: Language Arts
Grade: K-2, 3-5

Brief Description

Using kinesthetic, visual and auditory modalities, students create and read words using cut out letters.


Students practice combining beginning sounds, blends, and word families to create words.


phonics, phonemes, reading, kinesthetic

Materials Needed


blends, beginning sounds and word families written on construction paper and cut into blocks

Lesson Plan


  1. Cut squares containing blends, beginning sounds, and word families from construction paper. Color-code the word families differently from the blends and beginning consonant sounds.
  2. Review beginning sounds. Use the cut outs to read each beginning consonant sound.
  3. Introduce beginning blends. Use the cut outs to read each beginning consonant blend.
  4. Introduce one word family, such as 'at.'
  5. Demonstrate with the cut outs that sounds can be put together to make new words: Display the word family and have students read it. Then, display a consonant or blend next to the word family. Say the sounds as they are displayed. Then say the two sounds together. An example would be: 'c' -- 'at' -- 'cat.'
  6. Continue matching different beginning sounds and blends with the word family to see how many words can be made. Say the name of the word family before each change: 'at' -- 'b' -- 'bat.' (Introduce only one word family per lesson.)
  7. After each word is created, have students run their fingers across the parts of the word, saying them aloud and then combining them into the new word -- first slowly and then quickly.
  8. Have students write the words on paper using colored pencils or markers to distinguish the different sounds.


Short term assessment:

  1. Display the cutouts and have students say the new words.
  2. Have students assemble the cutouts to create words read aloud.
Long term assessment:
  • Dictate words from a previous lesson and ask students to write the words. Do this on a weekly basis; adding the new words covered in each lesson.

Lesson Plan Source

Jill Garofallou ([email protected]), Giella Elementary School, Spring Hill, Florida





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