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Web Trails: An Online Adventure

Subject: Language Arts, Educational Technology, Geography
Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Kelly Ickes, who teaches at Novak Elementary School in Marion, Iowa, submitted this week's lesson, a WebQuest about hiking Iowa's parks and trails.

Brief Description

Students research Iowa's parks and trails, plan a day trip to one of the places they learn about, and write a fiction story based on the information they find.


Students will demonstrate the ability to work in groups, use online resources, and write a fiction story based on real information.


hiking, recreation, WebQuest, online research, creative writing

Materials Needed

Computer with Internet access, the Web Trails WebQuest, additional online resources

Lesson Plan

Using the guide questions provided and World Wide Web resources, students plan a hiking trip in Iowa. The entire Web Trails WebQuest can be found online. Use it as is or adapt the lessons, activities, and printable worksheets to create a WebQuest about your own state.


Assessment criteria, worksheets, and rubrics are available online.

Lesson Plan Source

Kelly Ickes, ([email protected]) Novak Elementary School, Marion, Iowa


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