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Five Senses:

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A WebQuest for Grades K-2



This activity is designed to help students in grades K-2 explore their five senses. Through their research and teamwork, students will learn the role each of the senses plays in helping them experience the world.


The tasks in this Web-based activity address the national standards in science, language arts, and technology.


  • Before beginning the WebQuest, print copies of the My Five Senses Book worksheets for each student.
  • This WebQuest is designed to be completed in between one and five 20-minute sessions; the number of sessions required will depend on the time available and on the age of the students. Second graders and some first graders should be able to complete this WebQuest on their own. Younger students will need more assistance. With younger students you might want to visit the Web resources as a group and then have students complete their own My Five Senses Book.
  • With all age groups, you might use the activity in your science or technology center. Each day of the week, students can research one of the five senses and complete the appropriate page of their My Five Senses Book.
  • The My Body section of the Kids' Health Organization Web site will help you provide students with additional basic information about the five senses.


Click here for the main My Five Senses page.

Article by Linda Starr
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Originally published 10/29/03
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