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WebQuest GraphicTitle: Easy as Can Be to Pick the Perfect Tree

Topics: trees, Arbor Day, plant(ing)

Subject: Science, Social Sciences, Language Arts

Grades: PreK-2


Overview:  Students work in teams of four to explore information about four types of trees: pine, flowering dogwood, buckeye, and apple. Assuming the roles of Custodian, Principal, Science Teacher, and President of the Student Council, students use their research to choose the tree variety they think should be planted on school grounds. Teams must create posters, write paragraphs, and make short oral presentations to another class about their chosen trees. After the presentations, both classes vote on which tree they should plant. Teachers and classes conclude the project by buying and planting the tree the students selected.

Notes: In this WebQuest's Resources section, a limited number (about half) of the provided links still work. Replacements for some of these include:

Check your school or local public library to find the books listed in the Resources section.


Article by Lois Lewis
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Updated 02/23/2012