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WebQuest GraphicTitle: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Topics: baseball, sports, teams, stadiums, statistics, league

Subject: Mathematics, Social Sciences, Language Arts

Grades: 3-5, 6-8


Students work in teams of three or four to explore baseball using math, social science and language arts skills. Assuming the roles of Traveling Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Team "Graph"ic Artist, students investigate information about baseball teams, players, and stadiums in order to prepare a presentation for the Commissioner of Baseball. Each student role has specific duties. For example, the Traveling Secretary plans the stadium visits; the Public Relations Officer studies the players' statistics for the league's Most Valuable Player award; and the Chief Financial Officer develops a budget.

In the Process section of the WebQuest, links for all the major league baseball teams listed under American League East, American League Central, American League West, National League East, National League Central, and National League West have changed. Click the following resources to find the links that will take you to the official Web site for each team. Students can also find each team's official Web site at the Major League Baseball Kids Dugout site. Have students go to the "Team Sites" section and click the name of each team's city.

For the Chief Financial Officer role, please note the following change and suggestion.

  • Change: Click the Hotel Recommendations link to go to the new site for this resource.
  • Suggestion: Students in this role can find ticket information on each team's official Web site by clicking the stadium name and going to the ticket information link.

Major League Baseball Ballparks is another Web resource students might find helpful.

This WebQuest was developed for fourth graders and can be easily adapted for middle school students.

Article by Lois Lewis
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