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Time for a PC Tune-Up

Like any machine, a computer eventually will break down -- or at least slow down -- without regular maintenance. The tips below can help ensure that your PC is tuned up and ready for the day!

From Flab to Fab

Computers need to stay in shape too. For more tips on keeping your PC fit and fast, check out the Education World techtorial The ABCs of PC Maintenance.

No Pep in Your PC's Step?
Defrag your hard drive.

When a computer saves files, it puts them in no particular order, which often results in lots of wasted space between files. Eventually, that mess can slow down your computer. To speed up a sluggish PC, run Disk Defragmenter monthly: Click Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter, and choose C Drive.

Need More Pep?
Use Disk Cleanup.

Your computer likes to save Web pages in memory; saved pages load faster on subsequent visits. Eventually, though, those saved pages become out of date and take up a lot of space. Once a month, run Disk Cleanup on your PC: Click Start > All Programs or Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup) to delete unnecessary Internet files.

How About Laptop Pep?
Adjust your power settings.

Power can be a real issue if you're using a laptop. With Windows XP, however, you can customize the "sleep cycles" of your screen and hard drive: To select your own settings, right-click on the Desktop, select Properties and Screen Saver, and then click Power.

Article by Lorrie Jackson
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