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Load 'Em Up: Keyboarding Software Picks

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The Education World Tech Team shares its picks of the best software programs for classroom use. In this article, our experts reveal their choices for keyboarding software. Don't miss the rest of this multi-part Ed World series: Load 'Em Up: The Best Software in the Education World!

Keyboarding software is used, quite simply, for teaching keyboarding. From among the programs recommended for this category, only Type to Learn received more than one recommendation. We awarded Type to Learn the "gold star," therefore, both for the number and enthusiasm of its fans and for its reputed ability to engage and instruct younger students.

Microsoft Works is available only for Windows. Type to Learn, KidKeys, and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing are available for both Windows and Macintosh.

Keyboarding Software Comparison

Installability Usability Performance Usefulness Support
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing*
Microsoft Works*
Type to Learn

The Gold Star rating was determined by considering each program's total score along with the number of recommendations submitted for the program and the tenor of reviewers' comments about it.

* based on results from a single evaluator

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"We use Type to Learn and love it," Karen Kelly tells Education World. "My second graders do it for morning work, and they think it's great fun. First, they do a lesson that teaches them two new letters; then they can choose from several different games focusing on speed and accuracy. Type to Learn is easy for my students to use, and several parents have purchased it for their homes.

"I like it," Kelly adds, "because I can print out progress reports that give me accuracy and speed scores and let me know who has finished what lessons. With this program, I definitely see a difference in students' typing speed and accuracy."

"We use Type to Learn in grades 2 to 5 for its network capabilities and record keeping capabilities," Libby Adams notes. "In K-2, however, we use KidKeys" to introduce children to the keyboard and letters."


Name: KidKeys
Available Platforms: Windows, Macintosh
Approximate Price: $79.95
Grade Level: Pre-K-2

Name: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Manufacturer: The Learning Company
Available Platforms: Windows, Macintosh
Approximate Price: $39.99
Grade Level: 2-8

Name: Microsoft Works
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Available Platforms: Windows
Approximate Price: $109

Name: Type to Learn
Manufacturer: Sunburst
Available Platforms: Windows, Macintosh
Approximate Price: $149.95
Grade Level: 3-12, adults


Article by Linda Starr
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