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Tech in the Classroom:


What is it A mass text-messaging service for teachers.

How does it work?  The service allows teachers to send a private text message to all the students in the class without the hassle of sending the same message multiple times. Parents and students register their mobile numbers by sending a text to a specific number linked to the teacher’s account. This adds them to the teacher’s text roster, without the teacher actually receiving or seeing that number.

remind 101

How hard is it to use? Not very hard at all. Once parents and students are registered, a teacher need only compose the note and hit send.

How well does it work? Very well. In addition to the security of not having teacher or student mobile numbers visible in the communications, Remind101 also provides a detailed history of what notes were sent, when they were sent and who received them. Teachers can also use the software’s calendar feature to manage their class schedule. For middle- and high-school teachers who have several classes distributed over a number of periods, Remind101 segregates the various periods so that messages reach only intended recipients.

How do I use it in the classroom? Remind101 allows teachers to instantly and securely remind their students of important classroom events. Because students spend a lot of time texting on their phones, reminding them of a test or project deadline via SMS is an efficient way to keep them on-task after school hours.


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