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Tech in the Classroom:

Presentation Tube

What is it?    PresentationTube Network provides a video presentation recorder and video sharing and streaming network that facilitates the process of producing, publishing and sharing quality, accessible and interactive video presentations. In short, it takes all of your presentation materials and combines them into a single resource.

How does it work? Through an online wizard, teachers can upload and publish their video presentations and lessons to the Presentation Tube media server as an interactive presentation. The company’s software then combines every aspect of the lesson—video, PowerPoint, images, Web sites, handwritten notes, etc., into a seamless presentation.presentation tube

How hard is it to use? It’s not too difficult. There is a learning curve with respect to the Presentation Tube software, but it isn’t terribly complicated. Once the presentation or lesson is configured, playing it is very simple.

How well does it work? This is a pretty good tool. While it was designed for the broad audience of business professionals as well as educators, there is enough here to make it useful for teachers. Presentation Tube essentially does the work of combining all of the parts of a lesson or presentation into a single resource that can be accessed anywhere via the Internet.

How do I use it in the classroom? Since many lessons are essentially presentations, educators are a natural audience for this product. Given that teaching styles vary greatly from educator to educator, users should make sure Presentation Tube fits their style before bringing it into the classroom. Because it’s free, this shouldn’t be too much trouble.

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