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Tech in the Classroom:


What is itThis is a free service that teachers can use to check any student assignment for plagiarism.

How does it work?  PlagTracker leverages a unique and proprietary algorithm to scan a given document and compare it to countless content sources across a massive database of 5 million academic papers and the Internet. The service began as a grad school project before morphing into the plagiarism tool it is today.

plagtrackerHow hard is it to use? The process is extremely simple. Users upload a document they’d like to check for plagiarism via the PlagTracker Web site. The folks at PlagTracker then run it through the algorithm before sending the results back. Users get a detailed list of any found instances of plagiarism, including detailed information about the source of the dubious content.

How well does it work? It works as well as can be expected. The site claims that users can be “100% sure” that their documents will be plagiarism-free. While that is a tough claim to live up to, users can expect reasonable accuracy in terms of identification of plagiarism. Given that PlagTracker is a completely free tool, it is definitely classroom-worthy.

How do I use it in the classroom? Any teacher needing to grade writing assignments would do well to keep PlagTracker handy.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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