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Site Review: Who Pooped @ the Farm

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Content: One part educational game, one part educational video, Who Pooped teaches students about how veterinarians check animals’ health by studying their feces.

Design: The site is small but well designed. Students must proceed through each page in order, eliminating the need for navigation. The site offers well-done animal images and accompanying animations. The most visually striking aspect of Who Pooped is, of course, its abundant fecal pictures, which get a purely academic presentation.

who poopedReview: Upon visiting the site, students encounter a game. They see a picture of a particular pile of poop and guess which of three animals produced it. After each guess, students learn about the digestive process of the selected animal. Next, a video unlocks.

Videos explain how veterinarians examine feces to ensure that animals are healthy and eating properly. The videos also outline how the zoo composts animal waste, and why this process is important.

The backing of the Minnesota Zoo ensures that all content is classroom appropriate.

Bottom Line: We may not want to think about it, but poop is very important to biology and ecology. Who Pooped is a great entry into any lesson on the subject.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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