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 Site Review: Steve Spangler Science


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Content: Steve Spangler is one of the more famous names in elementary and middle-school science, and his site is home to experiment ideas, teacher training tips and tons of other science-based fun.

Steve SpanglerDesign: Despite his prominence and relative fame (he’s Ellen DeGeneres’ go-to science guy), his site does little to inspire exploration. A flat white background filled with little image blocks is effective, but a bit boring. If he didn’t offer tremendous content, visitors might be quick to leave.

Review: Steve Spangler Science is really two sites in one. There is the online store, where teachers can purchase anything from materials required for experiments to classroom decorations like a plush Beaker doll. There is also an idea hub of experiments, science fair projects and lessons. Both parts of the site offer teachers a ton of handy content.

The site’s two-pronged approach provides teachers with a one-stop shop for all their experiment needs. They can browse the experiments, find one they like, and then purchase supplies that will bring the experiment to life in the classroom.

Spangler also maintains a YouTube site, where teachers can view many of his experiments in action. This is great for lesson planning or for giving students a preview of what they’ll be experiencing firsthand.

Bottom Line:  Whether you’re a science teacher or just someone who loves a great experiment, Steve Spangler Science is the place to go.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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