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Site Review: Smarty Games

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Content:  Here students can play a variety of math, maze, puzzle and money games as well as access reading activities in both English and Spanish.

Design:  The characters’ oversized eyes and perpetual smiles give the site a kid-friendly, Japanese-anime look and feel.

The games are housed in subject-specific areas, making it easy for students to find and launch desired activities. Users are never more than two or three clicks away from a game.

smarty gamesReview:  This site is geared toward early elementary students, and the games’ difficulty level is appropriate. The math-based games center on the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and time telling. Students must navigate a hero character through an obstacle course populated by villains and pitfalls in order to solve the equation, unlock a door and advance to the next level.

The controls, while simple, are very responsive for browser-based games. Characters jump, climb and run when users press the proper keyboard buttons. The navigation from game to game is equally smooth.

The games themselves are good, if not particularly original. While many appear to be knockoffs of popular 1980s titles such as Super Mario Bros, today’s elementary-grades students are still likely to enjoy them.

Bottom Line:  For quick and easy games anchored in basic academic disciplines, Smarty Games is a great classroom destination.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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