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Site Review: SeaWorld Teacher Resources



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Content:  This is SeaWorld’s education site, which houses a modest selection of classroom materials and lesson plans.

Sea WorldDesign:  The site is all business, but retains a bit of the fun for which the parks are known. Because the bulk of the content is contained on a single page, it is also pretty bare-bones in terms of links or navigation.

Review:  The material here is absolutely first-rate. All of the lessons are aligned to national standards and come complete with teachers’ guides and appendices. Topics are diverse, but obviously are anchored in marine science.

The lessons are a bit lengthy, but that is advantageous, since topics such as marine animal husbandry can be challenging to teach

Bottom Line:  Users may only have to stop by SeaWorld Teacher Resources once in order to see everything, but that visit will be well worth it.

Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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