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Site Review: School Pride

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Content:  This is a one-stop shop for athletic directors who need to make sure their teams are well equipped and looking good.

Design:  School Pride is a very simple site. Users encounter a handful of product categories when arriving at the homepage. From there, it works just like any other retail site, providing specifications and pricing information. The images are appropriately sized, giving users a solid impression of items for sale.

school prideReview: What makes School Pride stand out from competitors is the range of products offered. Everything—from helmet decals to stadium banners to sport-specific dry-erase boards—can be found here. In addition to a diverse array of items, School Pride also offers an immense selection of product styles. Athletic directors don’t want their teams looking like every other school whose nickname happens to be the lions, and this site accommodates them by hosting an impressive array of logos and designs for just about any mascot. For those who aren’t blown away by the stock selection, School Pride maintains a dedicated staff of graphic artists who can work with administrators to craft custom logos that can be applied to any of the products.

Bottom Line: Athletic directors who need equipment or signage would be well served by visiting School .


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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