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 Site Review: Random Teachers



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Content:  This is the resource center of the well-known publisher. Here, teachers will find a wealth of material aligned with Random House’s collection of PreK-12 books.

random teacherDesign:  Random House gets high marks for simplicity and ease of use. A giant scroller dominates the home page and offers links to several featured content areas.

Beneath the scroller are five buttons that together form the primary navigation tool. Here users can find paths to Educator Guides, Reading Guides, Group Ideas and other classroom resources.

The navigation bar at the top of the page provides links to more resources, as well as reading programs.

Review:  This site takes the concept of teacher materials related to books and knocks it out of the park. Even if teachers are unsure about exactly what they’re looking for, they are only two clicks away from it. Ease of use is a big factor here. From the homepage, visitors need only click on Educator Guides to find a scrollable page filled with them. One more click on the desired title, and the guide downloads to the user’s computer.

The materials themselves are very good. Users get thoughtful companions to the books and useful ideas for discussion in the classroom. Additionally, the tips for starting reading groups and collaborating with peers are very handy.

Bottom Line: This site provides everything a teacher could want from a publisher of books for children.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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