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Site Review: PBS Parents - Education


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Content:  The education section of this parents’ site offers a treasure trove of resources and activities that elementary teachers can use in the classroom.

Design:  On this fun site, happy faces and fun characters pop out from all corners. A prominent scroller offers the most recent additions, and supporting content runs beneath it.

A brief intro and image accompany every headline, making for a nice user experience. Individual sPBS Parentstory pages are clean in their layout and lead to easily digestible content.

Review:  Despite being designed for parents of elementary-age students, PBS Parents - Education is a great destination for teachers. Resources run the gamut from fun math games using pocket change, to tips on teaching technology to younger students.

Want to help younger students create and foster friendships, or work more effectively with special-needs children? Find these, along with many parent-themed articles that have practical applications in the classroom.

Bottom Line:  With so much useful content on PBS Parents - Education, teachers should ignore the site’s name and head on over.

Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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