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 Site Review: OnGuard Online


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Content:  Brought to you by the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Trade Commission, OnGuardOnline promotes online safety and responsible use.

Design:  This is a typical government site, with a fairly bland but logical layout. In terms of online safety and responsibility, OnGuardOnline addresses all the basics. There is ample coverage of online scams such as international lotteries. More interesting, however, are its resources aimed at young people.

OnGuard OnlineReview: Detailed tips and talking points allow parents and educators to get the discussion going about online dangers. Site visitors will find advice on everything from cyber-bullying to inappropriate information sharing. Check out the free Net Cetera toolkit, a comprehensive document that teachers can use to promote digital literacy and online ethics in the classroom. The toolkit includes PowerPoint slides as well as the magazine-style Living Life Online, which promotes critical thinking, particularly regarding youth-targeted advertising. Also not to be missed is, an engaging game that encourages kids to think critically about advertising.

Bottom Line:  There is certainly a lot of common-sense content here, but educators will find the child-specific tips, talking points and educational materials very useful.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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