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Site Review: Mind Research

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Content:  Mind Research provides the K-12 math market with instructional software and systems, as well as textbooks and professional development resources.

Design: Decidedly a sales site, everything is designed to pitch users on the benefits of the stable of Mind’s products. Each area of the site touts the merits of a particular program.

While users are encouraged to make a purchase when visiting, several areas provide free trials. These areas break up the sales pitch and provide some real value to dollar-conscious educators.

mindReview:  Mind’s primary business is selling learning software and professional development resources, and educators with the means could make a solid investment in some quality products. For example the ST Math Program is aligned to state and Common Core standards and integrates with core instruction. The ST Math software games use interactive, graphically rich animations that visually represent mathematical concepts to improve conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. The games gradually increase in difficulty and provide immediate feedback.

Mind Research offers free, playable demos of software so that teachers can get a feel for what it can bring to their classrooms. The site also includes online professional development modules.

Bottom Line:  Its products come with a price tag, but Mind Research is worth at least a glance from teachers and administrators interested in boosting math achievement.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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