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Site Review: Grammar Bytes!

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Content:  Created by Valencia College English professor Robin L. Simmons, this site offers “grammar instruction with attitude.” Covering grammar terms and usage through exercises, handouts, presentations, YouTube videos and other resources, Grammar Bytes! will help any educator teach grammar in ways that are both engaging and unique.

Design:  Grammar Bytes! sets the tone for learning fun with its mascot, a gorilla roaring into the air. The site is a breeze to navigate, and while it lacks some typical design standards (such as a top navigation bar), exploring the collection of resources is still fairly easy. Upon first arrival, users encounter the site's gorilla mascot in the center of a rust-orange screen. After clicking him, users will hear a “chomp, chomp” noise, and then arrive at the menu page, where they can explore all of the grammatical fun. The homepage covers each section of the site, leading down to a navigation bar at the bottom of the page.

Grammar BytesReview: The terms section contains nearly every element of grammar. Almost every term has its own page, complete with a comprehensive explanation of the concept. Some include well-produced slide videos from the “See-It” series, which offers elements of humor and some of the “attitude” that characterizes the site.

Educators also will enjoy the presentations section of the site, which provides PowerPoints and worksheets. The tips and rules section covers examples and corrections for the most common grammatical mistakes, offering detailed PDFs to help educators teach grammar and editing.

The site’s vast collection of interactive grammar exercises offers a great option for teachers looking to incorporate eLearning into the curriculum. An advantage of these exercises is that they can be assigned for homework or done together as a class via an interactive whiteboard.

Bottom Line:  Grammar Bytes! allows educators to teach a challenging subject with “attitude.” Both teachers and students will enjoy the activities, presentations and videos on this entertaining site.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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