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Content: This site offers everything one would need to create a dynamic presence on the Web, from domain names and Web site builders to complete eCommerce solutions.

GoDaddyDesign: If there is downside to GoDaddy, it is its design. While not terrible, the site’s design can sometimes make things confusing. Overall, GoDaddy looks and functions like a premier site should. Navigation is all logical and easily located. The site’s ample use of images doesn’t distract from its message.

It isn’t until after one has created an account that the confusion comes in. There are too many dashboards and control hubs, making it unclear to users when they are working on their site, or adjusting their account settings, or making changes to their hosting agreement. A more streamlined interface would definitely improve the visitor’s experience.

Review: Despite design flaws, GoDaddy is the go-to site for creating and hosting a Web site. EducationWorld offers several articles about improving school Web sites. But for those who aren’t yet on the Internet, or who are ready to revamp their current site, GoDaddy is a great way to begin.

If your school has staff technically proficient enough to build a site, GoDaddy’s native tools are very easy to use. If the thought of creating a Web site is daunting, however, a team of professionals is only a phone call away.

For schools that need only a handful pages to round out their Web sites, GoDaddy’s packages of five- and 10-page sites are reasonably priced. An average site in this range could be registered, built and hosted for only a few hundred dollars a year.

Bottom Line: For schools that need new Web sites, visiting should be a first step.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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