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Content:  Here, teachers can find hundreds of classroom resources from dozens of government agencies.

Design:  It’s a product of the federal government, so you know a certain level of funding went into its creation. Those dollars have paid off with an efficient, yet elegant and minimalistic, site. The primary means of navigation appears in a small content block on the left side of the page. From here, a user can gain access to just about every area of the site. Rather than inundate the user with enormous lists of content links, FREE provides a small sampling of content pieces as sub-category headers.

FREEReview:  Conceived in 1997 in response to a memo from then-President Bill Clinton, FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) was launched a year later. Today the site boasts well over 15,000 federally supported teaching and learning resources, with new content added regularly.

FREE offers resources from dozens of agencies including the CDC, CIA, Department of Justice, Department of Education, FBI, FDA, FTC, IRS and all branches of the military, to name just a few.

The site runs the gamut in terms of resource type. Often displayed via a sister site, resources here include everything from traditional lesson plans and activity ideas to printables and templates.

Bottom Line:  For a considerable list of classroom resources from agencies such as the CIA and CDC, look no further than FREE.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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