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Site Review: Education Arcade

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Content: Education Arcade describes games that promote learning through authentic and engaging play, and the site helps educators keep abreast of breakthroughs in the field. (NOTE: The site doesn’t offer access to the games, but users can learn about them before they are released.)

Design: One would expect an expertly designed site from a cutting-edge tech firm, and this one is sleek and easy to use. Bouncing through projects is simple, and abundant images show off some very good game designs.

education arcadeReview: Designed for personal computers, handheld devices and online delivery, the games covered in Education Arcade cater to a wide range of ages and touch on disciplines such as mathematics, science, history, literacy and language learning. They are touted as “strategically targeted, educationally proven and expertly developed” and represent the latest in innovative academic games.

A great example is the MIT Teacher Education Program, which in conjunction with the Education Arcade, has been working on “augmented reality” simulations such as Environmental Detectives (ED). In this outdoor game, players try to uncover the source of a toxic spill by interviewing virtual characters and conducting large-scale simulated environmental measurements.

Bottom Line: Educators who want the latest news about academically sound gaming should keep an eye on the Education Arcade.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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