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Site Review: EduTube

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Content: EduTube organizes educational videos from YouTube by rating, popularity and standard of educational value.

Design: The site offers one of the Web’s most efficient and simple designs. While it might come across as bland, there’s something appealing about not seeing too much on the screen. The range of educational videos featured here cover every topic efficiently, and use attractive icons on the sitemap. With videos for every grade level, in multiple languages, and in a variety of forms and teaching styles, teachers will find an amazing go-to source for classroom resources.

EduTubeReview: EduTube’s minimalist design is better than a cluttered alternative, and there are no ads. Users won’t encounter YouTubeEDU’s vast community of educators here, but the site does offer user accounts, with options to form and join groups to connect with others, or simply to contribute videos from YouTube.

Teachers can plan full lessons and do pretty much anything else they typically would with video resources. Use EduTube to share everything from fun interviews and environmental wonders to innovative math instruction approaches. This site is a treasure chest of great educational videos.

Bottom Line:  EduTube doesn’t offer everything, but the vetted nature of its available classroom resources ensures a high level of quality.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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