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Site Review: DragonflyTV

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Content: DragonflyTV is a science education television series for middle school students, and its Web site features viewable episodes, games, resources and more.

Design: As part of the PBSKids family of Web sites, the DragonflyTV site follows the PBS style. It looks and works just like any of the other PBS sites, which is to say it looks good and works wel.

dragonflyTVReview: Despite the fact that new episodes of DragonflyTV have not been produced in a few years, the show’s site remains a treasure trove of classroom resources. Teachers can find everything from classroom-appropriate games to exciting experiments, and all of it features a DragonflyTV style that will engage students.

One of the site’s most comprehensive features is its episode archive. Here, teachers can screen complete episodes from DragonflyTV’s seven seasons. This archive, along with the DragonflyTV podcast area, form a science-based multimedia experience like no other.

Perhaps the most practical tool is the science-center locator. This feature determines a user’s geographic location and returns a list of science centers and museums within reasonable proximity of that location. Great for planning field trips, this tool often provides users with science centers they didn’t know were in their own back yard.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a science-centric site geared toward middle-schoolers, you could do a lot worse than DragonflyTV.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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