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Site Review: Daily Grammar

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Content: Daily Grammar helps educators teach easily and effectively by simplifying each grammar concept as much as possible. Created by Pete Peterson, the former Executive Vice President of Word Perfect, a word-processing application, and Bill Johanson, a 30-year English-teaching veteran, Daily Grammar offers an extremely accessible site for teaching grammar. The bulk of this content, including lessons and quizzes for just about every aspect of grammar, appears on the archive page.

Design:  Teachers won’t have any trouble navigating Daily Grammar. The 440 lessons and 88 quizzes in the site’s free achieves are organized by lesson number and subject. The alphabetical glossary is also very comprehensive, not only complementing the lessons in the archive, but also linking to them based on relevance. Unfortunately, instead of compiling the material for each topic in its own unique section, both the archive and glossary list the content as a scrolling page of links, which might be a turnoff to some. 

Daily GrammarDaily Grammar also includes pages promoting the site’s eBook, FlipBook, and workbook, as well as a regularly updated blog with great lessons and resources.

Review: With fresh lessons posted to Daily Grammar’s blog Monday through Friday, this site is one of the most comprehensive grammar-related Web sites around. Each week’s unit of lessons is topped off with a Saturday quiz. 

The archive is an English teacher’s dream. The first 90 lessons offered cover the eight parts of speech, lessons 90-300 cover the parts of the sentence and lessons 301-440 cover capitalization and punctuation. Users will feel as if nothing related to grammar has been missed.

Bottom Line: :  For educators struggling with grammar instruction, this site is a must. While it may not have the cleanest look, Daily Grammar is one of the most complete resources available.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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