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 Site Review: Charters of Freedom


Site URL:…/Charters

Content: Charters of Freedom is a Web site that allows users to view digital versions of the nation’s most important historic documents, including The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

Charters of FreedomDesign: The site is unique in that it offers almost all of its navigation as in-content buttons and links rather than the traditional link bars across the top or sides of the page. When viewing a document or supporting materials, almost all of the other content on the site is accessible via link buttons located within the content.

The site also looks very nice, using a background that evokes many of the monuments in Washington, D.C.

Review: Although Charters of Freedom is not a large site, its content is excellent. In addition to high-resolution images of all the important documents, the site offers educators and students background on them, as well as a full transcript and links to related resources.

In addition to the actual documents and supporting materials, students will find information about the men who wrote them and the circumstances under which they were created. Features like Meet the Founding Fathers and The Faulkner Murals Restored add depth to the documents and offer a user experience much like that of visiting the National Archives in person.

Bottom Line: Charters of Freedom is by no means the only site that offers copies of the major American historical documents, but it is one of the best.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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