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 Site Review: London 2012 - Education


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Content: This is the 2012 Olympics’ educational site, which provides educators with timely news and classroom resources all centered on the 2012 Summer Games.

2012 Summer OlympicsDesign: The site looks good and functions well. It’s set up vertically with content blocks evenly distributed across the page. Teachers can easily bounce from areas dedicated to World Sport Day to others focusing on Schools Around the World.

While the site contains dozes of links and various navigations, it doesn’t feel cluttered or overwhelming. A handy clock at the top of the page counts down to the start of the Games.

Review: The Olympics is a major cultural event, and this year’s site reflects the excitement. Given the 2012 host city, the content has a decidedly British flair, which only adds to the already multicultural nature of the materials.

While this site has a built-in expiration date that for many occurs before the start of the school year, its materials transcend the singular summer event. Students will relate to the lessons and themes, as they will almost certainly have viewed some part of the Games on television during the school break.

Bottom Line:  The Olympic Games only run for a few weeks, but the lessons at this site are timeless.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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