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Site Review: Zygote Body

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Content: Zygote offers manipulable, three-dimensional, anatomical models of the male and female human bodies.

Design: This site is gorgeous. It’s a singular page with either a female or male model, but those models are so beautifully rendered that users don’t realize that they’re only looking at a single page. Organs and entire systems jump off the screen when revealed.

The attention to detail is impressive once users get passed the initial, clothed version of the models. (Because they will encounter only under-the-skin views of body parts, kids in grades six and up should be able zygote bodyto avoid inappropriate distractions while exploring this site.)

Review: The site is largely a one-trick pony, although the single trick is a really impressive one. Both models may be rotated 360 degrees and zoomed in to view the smallest of body parts. A slider tool located to the left of the model allows users to control how far into the body they can see. Sliding the control down removes layers, beginning with the skin and continuing until all users see is a few nerves.

The addition of a searchable body-parts database—along with the ability to point-and-click on organs to launch an organ identifier—make ZygoteBody a must-see for biology classes.

Bottom Line: Thanks to ZygoteBody, biology teachers can ditch the old, plastic organ models and textbook drawings.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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