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The Reading Machine: Word Scrambles and Word Scrabble (Unscramble the Word)

Word Scramble

Levels: Grades 1-4
Skills: Vocabulary, Spelling

Description:   Word Scramble is a challenging vocabulary game for kids. This game is designed to help kids practice their spelling and learn new words. In this, kids have to look at the picture and identify the word. They must rearrange the given letters to form the word. This game is a great way to help kids build, test and enhance their vocabulary and spelling skills.   The stakes are high, as a timer keeps track of players' progress.  Some of the words are tricky, but provides some hints if you need some help.  The game features plenty of words, so even after several plays, new words will show up.

Word Scrabble (Unscramble the Word)

Levels: Grades 1-5
Skills: Vocabulary, Spelling

Description:   Word scrabble is English knowledge test game. By playing this game students can test their knowledge about English language and vocabulary. Here students are required to construct a word out of four to seven alphabets given in a random manner. You can shuffle the words again and again for better hint.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski
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