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'Quick Key' App Reduces Teacher Grading Time

Giving teachers the ability to grade quizzes, tests and other assessments with a simple scanning process, the new app Quick Key is spreading like wildfire in classrooms across the country.

The app has been used to scan 300,000 quizzes thus far, according to Tech Crunch, and the numbers keep growing. One teacher, the article said, graded 400 exams in less than an hour. 

Quick Key lets teachers focus on tasks other than correcting exam after exam, opening up time for projects, professional development and more. 

The company that owns Quick Key has recently announced its intent to raise $250,000 to expand its reach and improve the app, said Tech Crunch. The company originally raised $100,000 in seed funding on KickStarter, which was led by ARC Capital Development. 

Former teacher Walter O. Duncan and Isaac Van Wesep founded the company. Tech Crunch said Duncan's background helped greatly.

"He's been working as a teacher for 15 years and recently left to maintain this product," said the article. "He also has a keen understanding of what teachers need."

While other products allow teachers to assess students, those apps rely on students using tablets and other devices, said Boston Business Journal. 

"Quick Key is really all about a community of educators working together to make their lives and their students' lives better," Duncan told Tech Crunch. 


Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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